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Announcing the 2nd Annual WEEDCon Buyers Cup 

May 20-21st in Hollywood, CA

Judged by dispensary buyers and purchasing managers in Southern California,

the WEEDCon Buyers Cup awards are given at our B2B, networking and education expo, WEEDCon Wonderland

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The 2021 WEEDCon Cup

Awarded for excellence in cannabis products

WEEDCon Buyers Cup

May 20th-21st, 2021 

The 2nd Annual WEEDCon Buyers Cup awards will take place in Hollywood, CA 

Judged by dispensary buyers throughout Southern California, the WEEDCon Buyers Cup gets cannabis brands into the hands of dispensary buyers for them to determine which products deserve to be called WEEDCon Cup winners!

 All Covid-19 City and County Reopening Orders will be abided by for safety.  

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November 11th-12th,  2021 

Our 3rd Annual WEEDCon Cup is judged by buyers, celebrities, industry professionals and consumers.   Presented at WEEDcon West in Hollywood, CA with music, food and more!   

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March 25th, 2021 

The Inaugural WEEDCon Aloha Cup will take place on the island of Oahu and will be judged by dispensary buyers, consumers and Hawaii locals to determine the best pakalolo on the islands!  Held at a private venue and abiding by County Health and Safety Orders, attendance is limited and people will be required to stay in small to medium sized groups.  

2021 WEEDCon Buyers Cup Competition May 20th

Entries Include:

Best Flower

Best Preroll

Best Concentrate

Best Extract

Best Vape Cart

Best Edible

Best Tincture

Best Topical

Best Product/


Best Dispensary

2020 WEEDCon Cup Awards 

Congratulations to all participants of the 2020 WEEDCon Cup!  Thank you for your support and we welcome you to the WEEDCon Buyers Cup in May  

2020 WEEDCon Cup 

Best Flower

The WEEDCon Cup award for Best Indica Flower went to Top Shelf Cultivation for their Whoa-Si-Whoa.  Best OG Flower went to Originals for their Oakstradam OG.  Best Sativa Flower went to Honey Dew Farms for their sun grown Gelonade, Best Hybrid Flower Went to Mohave Reserve for their Zkittles Mints, and Best Preroll went to Royal Blunts paired with Originals Family Farms Gelatto.  

2020 WEEDCon Cup 

Best Concentrate

In the (try to) Concentrate category, which are THC extracts that don’t use solvents in the extraction process, Alien Labs Kalya won Best Concentrate for their Xeno Rosin.  In the extract category (THC extracted using Butane, Propane or CO2), Best OG Extract was taken by 101 Cannabis Co. for their Skywalker OG crumble.  Best Indica Extract went to The Plug for their Pro Cake sauce.  Best Sativa Extract went to Stoner 710 for their Super Lemon Haze sugar.  Best Hybrid Extract went to Gold Drop for their Pineapple Upside Down Cake badder.  

2020 WEEDCon Cup 

Best Vape Pod and Best Vape Cart.

Best vape Pod in the 2020 WEEDCon Cup competitiuon went to New Normal for their Bliss vape pod and starter kit.  In the Vape Cartridge category, Saucey won Best Indica Vape Cart for their Triple F’n OG vape.  Rove Featured Farms won Best Sativa Vape Cart for their Super Sour Diesel Vape and Rove took Best Hybrid Vape for their Bellini Vape Cartridge.  Best CBD Vape Cart was won by Oregon Originals for their Old Fashioned Hemp CBD vape.  CBD is known to help multiple ailments that plague the human condition including sleeplessness, anxiety, nausea and cancer.

2020 WEEDCon Cup 

Best Tincture 

In a category specifically designed to be used for pain and other ailments, Fiddlers Greens won First Place Best THCa tincture for their Kindred Spirit THCa/CBDa (non-psychoactive) Raw Tincture. 

Humboldt Harvest won First Place for Best THC tincture for their THC Tincture.

Green Revolution took First Place Best Ration tincture for their water based Deep Rest Avocado Tincture.    

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Edibles

Moving into the Taste of Cannabis Area of the WEEDCon Cup Best Chocolate honors went to Buddy’s Chocolate Haus for their cannabis-infused White Chocolate w/Oreo THC Bar.  In the gummy category Space Gems won top honors for their Sour Gummy Space Drops.  Best Baked Goods went to The Original Pot Co. for their Snickerdoodle Cookies.  

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Beverage and Beverage Mix

In the beverage category, Shoki won Best Beverage for their cannabis infused Mint Beverage.

Flav took number one honors in the Best Beverage Mix category for their Grape Beverage Pouch.       

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Confection

Best Confection was won by Moon for their Berry Blasters indica bites.   

Alento won Best Mint for their Tumeric & Ginger Relief Mints 

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Product 

The 2020 WEEDCon Cup award for Best Product went to Sanna Sleep for their THC capsules

Best Beauty Product went to Potency 710 for their CBD Modern Mist.

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Topical

In another category specifically designed to be used for pain and other ailments, Fiddlers Greens took top honors in the Best Topical category for their Medical Cannabis Healing Balm.

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Sublingual   

 The 2020 WEEDCon Best Sublingual Cup went to Click for their Restore ratio sublingual spray.    

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Package

Best Package was awarded to Sol Spirit Farms for their Preroll package.    

2020 WEEDCon Cup

Best Dispensary

The 2020 WEEDCon Cup award for Best Dispensary went to Mother Nature's Remedy scoring high in the health and wellness category, customer service, product knowledge store cleanliness and general coolness.  


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